Small Group Training is the service that our trainer will train two to, lets say, ten participants. If you like to workout with your friend because she/he motivates you and cause you have fun working out together then this is the service for you. By creating a small group with your friends you reduce the cost of the service and you double the fun! double the motivation!

Cost can go very low (per session) as the participants in the group grow. 

Who can benefit from Small Group Training Sessions.

  1. Those who prefer to reduce the cost per session.
  2. Those who like to train with their partner.
  3. Those who working out is a way to have fun and relax.
  4. Those who need more motivation (having a friend calling you and pushing you not to lose the session is a huge extra motive)
  5. People who get bored easy (working out with a group of people can lead to a whole new bunch of workouts that are a lot more fun than the individual ones )
  6. People who don't need huge result change cause they have a healthy and active lifestyle but need something more.
  7. Those who need professional guidance in every aspect. nutrition workouts etc.

Small Group Training  is definitely our most fun and enjoyable service. It can get really fun and results can be great cause of the huge motivation other members of the group give. Positive energy levels grow really fast.

Please note that at YOUR TRAINER we take your fitness and health needs very seriously so we do not put customers with different goals in the same group. For example a man who needs build up can not be in the same group with a lady that needs to lose inches.


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