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Wedding - Personal Moment


Be amazing on your morst important day

Everyone wants to look great when the most important times of our lives come. These are moments that are always in our minds. These are moments that are captured by professionals or by our very own friends and relatives.

Who doesn't want to be the most beautiful person in his or her wedding day, in all that glitter that describes the day? Or even to your next photoshoot? You want to look great there too, aren't you? But, you only got just two months, and you think that two months aren't enough.

Do you think you are late?

So, stop wondering and find out that YOU CAN REALLY DO IT. In just a small space of time you can achieve the perfect results that you always wanted. Just define your goals and we can guarantee you the success through our personal training programs.

We can guarantee you a countable result, that you can simply see it with your own eyes! The results that everyone would be jealous of!

So, do yourself a present or even to your familiar persons! And, that is because you can achieve it with our assistance!

Be Healty


Workout the RIGHT way
The human body is a unique machine that the more extensively is working, the better it gets! If a waist problem has appeared, this is no reason for not exercising, in the fear of pain! On the contrary, the more exercise for the part that is in pain, the better will be the condition of the spine. If a pathological problem has appeared there is no reason for just giving it up, for it is sure that more problems will probably rise up. Overweighting, body fat and bad physical condition are just some of the consequences of a non-healthy way of life.

People with heart problems, depending on insulin, with spine problems, problems on the knees or any other joint, people who for whatever health problem were not exercising, now have the chance to DO IT!!! Our continuous specialization on the latest methods of exercising for people who are suffering from related diseases in combination with the direct communication with the related doctor that is responsible for your treatment, are the facts that can ensure your safety when exercising with us and remember this 

"Those who think they have not time for bodily exercise will sooner or later have to find time for illness" ~Edward Stanley 



Be the best version of you

Have you ever heard of BMI (Body Mass Index)? What about WHR (Waist to Hips Ratio)? Have you ever been informed about the newest and the best scientific ways for evaluating your body mass index? Do you know about the dangers that are there to harm you if you are over or under the acceptable limits of weight? Probably not, that is why you are attending to us, looking for someone to help you to achieve all that you are dreaming of. With our knowledge and the support of brand new equipment, we guarantee you genuine, certain and countable results!!

Your Mass Body Index is counted by the ratio of the body weight to the height in square (kg/m2) of each person and it is the most widely accepted index for defining overweighting. This is a table showing the way of classification according to the BMI.

                 BMI Chart


                Waist to Hip ratio - WHR

Is the ratio circumference of the waist to that of the hips. It is straightly connected to heart's and circulation system's disease  




Be the best!

Are you related to any sport in a professional or amateur way, but you want to aim to maximum performance?

Have you already reached a certain goal but you feel you are not improving any more? With the help of your personal trainer you can reach new levels of performance. Are you coming out from an injury but you want to recover and return to the action as soon as possible?

We can give you the solution! With our specialized knowledge in topics of injury recovery, you will be back in action in no time!



Live on the energetic side of life!


Give your body the shape you always wanted!! Change the look of your body, improve your endurance and enjoy your everyday life without tiring yourself. The human body is made up for moving, that is why it is improved when it is more active. It is proved that people who keep exercising extensively have more energy on the duration of a day. They keep a clear mind and are thinking in a more precise way. That is where the quote "νούς υγιής εν σώματι υγιή" is referring to.
We are decreasing the percentage of the body fat, improving and reinforcing the muscles and that is the way how we are achieving the relief for the spinal cord and the rest of the joints. Your are then feeling more athletic and energetic!

Energy is contagious….we are going to give it to you!!



Bigger smiles happier kids!

Do you want to see your child growing in healthy environment and in a good way? Do you want to avoid him/her growing a disease like “scoliosis”, “kifosis”, “lordosis” that are prior to more severe spine diseases?

The percentage of overweight children keeps increasing day by day. Will you let your child to be one of them? With our assistance your child will grow up in a good and healthy way!!

Our methods and our exercises, which are aiming for the right position of the body , the decrease of the body fat and the improvement of the appearance and in addition the healthy life, will help the child to follow an athletic way of life that we are confident that will assist your child to gain its self-respect, the psychology of a successful person, while it will keep it away from bad habits such as smoking and drinking alcohol.



100% Success in any kind of physical exams

Are you preparing for any exams that have to do with your future career? Do you want to enter an army school or become a professional trainer? Do you need to take a practical exam which you need to be fit? 

With your personal trainer you can achieve the best of yourself in any exam. Starting exercising with us, you are already a step ahead from everyone else. Thus, don't leave anything to happen by fate. Chase up your dreams with the right and professional way.

Invest in your body!



Workout the RIGHT way

Have you been bored of the impersonal gyms or keep trying to draw the attention of your trainer in the need of trying to get some assistance? Have you ever had a training program completely personal with all the parameters set for the best and quickest result? Should you exercise biceps with shoulders or biceps with chest? Is it better to do the walking on the mechanic corridor at the beginning or at the end of your work out? What about the weight lifting? Until, which point should you lift the weights? How can you work out a certain part of your body?

For all these questions we can give you certain answers based on scientific data and research. Here, you will find out what is a myth and what is true from all what you have heard of. Our aim is to become your own personal trainer!! Learn how to exercise in the right way!! This is the way to save time, money and how to prevent injury.

With us you will become the personal trainer of yourself!!!